Comprehensive guide for using 3D configurators for your eCommerce store

Welcome to the ultimate guide to 3D product configurators for your e-commerce store. This guide is a comprehensive discussion of 3D product configurators, including their definition, functioning, and advantages for your e-commerce business.

What exactly is a 3D product configurator?

A 3D product configurator is a revolutionary tool that enables customers to personalize and visualize a product in three dimensions. Customers can create a unique and personalized product by choosing different options such as colors, materials, sizes, and features. Subsequently, the 3D configurator software generates a photorealistic 3D rendering of the product based on the customer's choices.

(Source: mid-journey generated options) Cela configurator is versatile enough to convert the above 3D renderings into perfectly functional 3D interactive web experiences. 

How does a 3D product configurator operate?

A 3D product configurator operates by utilizing intricate algorithms and software to create a 3D model of the product based on the customer's preferences. The software considers the different options and configurations chosen by the customer, creating a photorealistic 3D rendering of the product. This provides customers with the opportunity to view the product in advance of the purchase.

What are the benefits of using a 3D product configurator for your e-commerce store?

Enhanced customer engagement is one benefit of implementing a 3D product configurator. Customers can interact with your products in an immersive and engaging manner, thereby enhancing their connection to your brand. Moreover, a 3D product configurator enables customers to create a personalized shopping experience that is tailored to their preferences, thereby improving their overall satisfaction. A 3D product configurator can also reduce return rates by allowing customers to preview their customized product in advance of the purchase, reducing the possibility of dissatisfaction. By providing customers with a more personalized and engaging shopping experience, a 3D product configurator can lead to higher conversion rates and average order value, thereby increasing your sales.

How can you incorporate a 3D product configurator into your e-commerce store?

To incorporate a 3D product configurator into your e-commerce store, you must first choose an appropriate software that meets your business needs and budget. You will also need to create 3D models of your products, which can be done in-house or outsourced to a 3D modeling company. Finally, you will need to integrate the 3D product configurator into your e-commerce website by collaborating with your web developer or software provider to ensure seamless integration.


In summary, implementing a 3D product configurator in your e-commerce store can have a variety of benefits, including enhanced customer engagement, personalized shopping experiences, reduced return rates, and increased sales. By following the guidelines outlined in this guide, you can successfully integrate a 3D product configurator into your e-commerce store and take your business to new heights. And at Cela, we are here to guide our customers and be partners in their journey to take their eCommerce presence to next level. Whether be it, ideation, 3D content creation, 3D web experiences or final integration, we are here to make sure that you stand out in your industry and that users have memorable experiences coming to your site. 

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