How Augmented Reality Transforms Online Furniture Shopping Economics


The quest for a competitive edge in today's digital age is an ongoing challenge for businesses. The online furniture sales industry has experienced a major shift in recent years with the rise of augmented reality (AR) technology. The ability to place and play with a product in any environment has captured the attention of prospective customers and driven larger amounts of traffic. AR technology is transforming the economics of online furniture sales in several ways, and this article explores its impact on the industry.

AR Increases Customer Engagement and Sales

AR technology has been shown to increase sales conversions from online channels by up to 200 percent by increasing customer engagement and allowing them to interact with a product in a way that was previously impossible. Customers can see how furniture will look in their home before they make a purchase, which builds trust and confidence in the product [1]. Moreover, AR can reduce product returns by allowing customers to visualize the product in their space before purchasing, reducing the number of returns that can be costly for businesses.

AR Enhances the Customer Experience

AR enhances the customer experience by creating a more immersive and engaging shopping experience, which leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction. AR also overcomes some of the limitations of online shopping, allowing customers to interact with a product in a way that was previously impossible, bridging the gap between online and in-store shopping experiences.

AR Reduces Costs for Businesses

AR technology also reduces costs for businesses by reducing the need for expensive showrooms and physical stores. This can help to reduce overheads and increase profitability. Additionally, AR can reduce the need for costly product photography, allowing businesses to create 3D models of their products that can be placed in any environment, leading to a more consistent and cohesive product presentation.

In conclusion, AR technology is transforming the economics of online furniture sales by increasing customer engagement, enhancing the customer experience, and reducing costs. Online furniture retailers can gain a competitive edge by embracing AR technology and leveraging its benefits to increase sales and revenue. Various options are available to incorporate AR technology into online furniture stores, including developing a proprietary AR app or partnering with an existing AR platform. With the right strategy and execution, AR technology can be a powerful tool for transforming a business and staying ahead of the competition.

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